Being freely available from the start, even while it was closed source, considerably helped Blender's adoption by the community. A large, stable, and active community of users has gathered around Blender since 1998. The community showed its support for Blender in 2002 when they helped raise €100,000 in seven weeks to enable Blender to go Open Source under the GNU GPL License.


There are several independent websites such as forums, blogs, news, and tutorial sites dedicated to Blender.

One of the largest community forums is Blender Artists, where Blender users gather to show off their creations, get feedback, ask and offer help and, in general, discuss Blender.


Blender社区是其最大的特性之一,所以除手册之外,还有很多从其他用户获得帮助的方式,如 Blender ChatStack Exchange

还有一些更加官方的支持资源,如 认证培训师Blender Cloud。如果你发现了Blender 的问题,可以 提交bug

支持 可以找到更多关于支持的细节。



如果你对帮助开发Blender有兴趣,可以打开 参与 页面。

Blender Chat

对于在线实时讨论,我们用的是使用 Blender ID 验证的